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Lens pad

In the connection of high-pressure pipelines, the lens pad sealing structure is widely used. The sealing surface of the lens pad is spherical, which is in contact with the tapered sealing surface of the pipe, and the initial state is a loop. Under the action of pre-tightening force, the lens pad is plastically deformed at the contact point, and the ring shape becomes the ring belt shape, and the sealing performance is better. Since the contact surface is naturally formed by a spherical surface and an inclined surface, the gasket is easy to center. The lens gasket seal is a compulsory seal. The sealing surface is spherical and in contact with the conical surface, which is prone to indentation, and the interchangeability of parts is poor. In addition, the manufacturing cost of the gasket is relatively high, and the processing is also difficult.

The current angle-type high-pressure valve end flanges in the general machinery industry in my country are sealed with lens gaskets. The applicable tolerance pressure is 16.0-32.0MPa; the nominal diameter is 3-200mm; and the operating temperature is -30-200℃.