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Outer ring winding pad

Metal spiral wound gaskets are made of pre-compressed thin metal v-shaped belts and non-metallic packing belts, which are closely adhered to each other, alternately overlapped, and spirally wound and pressed. It is currently the most widely used type of sealing gasket, which does not soften at high temperature. No creep, no hardening at low temperature, no shrinkage. It is a gasket with good resilience among semi-metal gaskets. It is made of V-shaped thin steel strips and various fillers alternately wound. It can withstand high temperature, high pressure and adapt to ultra-low temperature or vacuum conditions. By changing the material of the gasket The combination can solve the chemical corrosion problem of various media on the gasket. Its structural density can be made according to different locking force requirements. In order to strengthen the main body and accurate positioning, the spiral wound gasket is equipped with a metal inner reinforcement ring and an outer positioning ring. The inner and outer steel rings are used to control the degree of tightness, and the surface accuracy of the flange sealing surface contacted by the gasket is not high, and the manufacturing process is simple and the price is cheap.