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Flexible graphite composite reinforced board

product structure:

Sheet sprinting or shearing formed by a composite of sheet metal or sprinting board and non-metallic sealing materials such as expanded graphite. SEBO GM510-E edge-wrapped flexible graphite composite gasket: It is an improvement on the flexible graphite composite gasket, that is, the inner ring or outer ring (or inner and outer ring) of the gasket is covered with metal flakes to maintain the original Excellent performance, easy to install and remove, and not easy to damage.

Scope of application:

● Excellent corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, no obvious change in the case of severe temperature changes.

● Maintain good compression and resilience for a long time without aging and brittleness.

● Widely used in the sealing of containers, boilers, pipelines, pumps, valves and flanges in petrochemical and mining industries.