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IGR3681 insulating gasket

The IGR3681 insulating gasket is specially designed for the RJ ring connection surface of the flange. It uses high-strength phenolic resin with insulating properties as the material and is processed into a gasket with an octagonal cross-section. It has a radial self-tightening sealing effect. It is in contact with the outside of the flange trapezoidal groove, and the sealing effect is achieved through bolt compression. The dimensions conform to the standard dimensions of ANSI, API, and PN flanges. It can also produce matching insulating gaskets according to the non-standard flange RJ sealing surface of the user's site.


Can be used for flange connection sealing of the same or different materials;

It can be used for flanges with raised surface (RF) and ring connection surface (RJ) misplaced;

No need to do any treatment on the flange connection surface;

Gaskets, bushings, insulating washers/metal washers are matched with flanges and bolts;

Good resistance to strong acids and alkalis (such as high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and media containing produced water)

Able to withstand the cycle of vibration, pressure and temperature;

Installation and disassembly operation is convenient, no special installation tools are required;


It is suitable for the raised face (RF), plane (FF) and ring connection face (RJ) flanges of various pressure levels of APSI.API.PN, and can also produce matching insulating gaskets according to the non-standard flanges on the user's site.